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Camp de créativité : Retour à l’enfance – Moov Africa Bénin

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The second Telco operator in Benin Republic with revenues more than 190 million USD was challenged by a talent drain and a shifting industry that led to a deep low in employee engagement. They wanted to start changing that by building on their new values after the company rebranding to engage the employee. What we found out from research was, a team under pressure from market share lost.


A toxic culture of finger-pointing and accusation was built. We came up with an audacious bet: to change the power dynamics of the company for one day. We created the Creativity Camp: back to childhood. For one day, have the Moov teams back to the kindergarten, activate again their sense of creativity, teamwork, and the search for performance, but in a totally different work environment.


From the top management to the sales assistants, they enjoyed the experience of painting, learning to write again with a pen, having childhood foods on the breaks time. 97% of the post-event survey confirmed that the day improved their sense of belonging to the company. 75% of the respondents said they felt the company cared for them and that they would recommend both the company and the activity is asked to.


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