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We see Africa – The European Union

We see Africa – The European Union

The European Union wanted to raise awareness about the ongoing partnership as well as to position the EU as the preferred partner for Africa. 

But over the years, the EU communications were informative and not engaging to a young audience who is now over 65% in Sub-Saharan Africa. There was a massive gap in perception, awareness, and impact. 

What we did, was to create in Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal, a 360 campaign that includes film, radio, OOH, print, social media, influencers, and innovative partnerships. The campaign We See Africa aims to emotionally connect African citizens through demonstrating the positive impact of this partnership with a people-centric campaign that spotlights key local stories, with real citizens that creates real, local impact. 

The result was a new space where young Africans can own the partnership and take pride in them being part of the conversation. We have had millions of impressions, as well as massive positive comments and a spike in awareness. 


December 6, 2021